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Joliet II Black Fabric/Suede Casual Shoes
Joliet II Black Fabric/Suede Casual Shoes

    Joliet II Black Fabric/Suede Casual Shoes

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    As a Munro Classic, Joliet is a beloved style of our lifelong customers. With a simple change in outsoles, Joliet II is an updated version for 2023. The characteristics of its predecessors remain with the styling, hook & loop strap, and material combinations.

    • Comfortable TPU outsole
    • Flexible and shock absorbent
    • Knit soft lining breathes and wicks moisture
    • Removable contoured polyurethane footbed is orthotic friendly
    • Contoured insole with riveted shank for lateral stability and all day comfort
    • The upper is soft goat suede and fabric
    • Heel Height .5"

      US Sizes

    AA: 7 –11 & 12 & 13
    B: 7 –11 & 12 & 13



    We recommend using a waterproof spray protector, though please test the product first on an inconspicuous part of the shoe as it may darken the material.

    You can also clean fabric by the following:

    Brush shoes off with a rough cloth or a soft bristled brush as needed. For spots/stains: Use a mild, CLEAR (no colour) dish washing liquid or clothing detergent diluted in a lot of water, and apply to the spot with the brush. If the spot is some kind of oil, use a clear degreasing dish washing soap. Rub very lightly so you don't tear the fibres, but try to get the solution into the fabric. Use a cloth soaked in water to remove any of the detergent and let dry. If the water soaks through to the lining of the shoe, do NOT wear them until completely dry or the lining may pull away from the outer material.